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Millions of Uyghur people face genocide from the Chinese Government because of their ethnicity and religion.

You can help us stand up against these acts of oppression, abuses of power and crimes against humanity.

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Who are the Uyghurs?

Eleven million Uyghurs — a predominantly Muslim, Turkic-speaking ethnic group currently live in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, China.

Since 2017, the Chinese Government has imprisoned more than one million Uyghur people and subjected those not detained to intense surveillance, religious restrictions, slavery and forced sterilizations. 

The United Nations, Human rights organizations and many foreign governments urge China to stop the abuses, often described as genocide and crimes against humanity.

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The Chinese government is committing acts of genocide every day.

The Communist Party of China (CCP) is actively trying to destroy the Uyghur people and their culture through the systematic murder of millions in concentration camps. These acts of genocide continue without international attention. Despite the efforts of foreign groups and individuals, the Chinese authorities’ tight controls on information have made it near impossible to stop these crimes.

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Will you take action today to demand freedom and justice for the Uyghur people?


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We must come together and fight for a better future, free of torture and persecution. By helping us spread awareness on social media, we can put global pressure on the CCP to free the Uyghur people from oppression.


Learn about the Uyghur culture

We must protect the rich, beautiful and historic Uyghur culture before it’s too late.